Society’s interest in sustainability is increasing. For Resurs, responsible and sustainable credit lending is the basis of our operations and is also central to our sustainability agenda. With over 40 years in the industry, we have extensive experience and know-how of lending, credits and payment structures. We know that it is important for private individuals to be able to take out loans, both for the people themselves and for society as a whole. As such, it is important for us that we continue to conduct our operations sustainably, and it is a prerequisite for having satisfied, returning customers and continuing to be a respectable and profitable company.

We provide credit products for a large part of the consumer collective since we consider it a right for consumers to participate in the credit society. However, this places significant requirements on us to conduct a fair and consistent credit assessment before credit is granted. The credit assessment is made using current and available information, but since the term of the credit can be long, the customer’s financial situation could change over time, which in turn could lead to payment difficulties for certain customers.

We work actively to contact customers who have been late in making payments in order to detect customers with payment problems as early as possible. This is managed by a dedicated department at the bank who has special expertise in managing customers with payment difficulties. This department also takes care of customers who contact us themselves concerning their payment problems. In most cases, there is a high willingness to pay even if the customer currently may lack solvency. In these cases, we attempt to find solutions using various types of payment plans which nevertheless allow the customer to repay their credit over time. These kinds of individual solutions never come with extra expenses for the customer since such extra expenses would be counter-productive for a customer who has a payment problem.


The number of payment arrangements paid by customers to be 60% or higher

Result 2019
The number of payment arrangements paid by customers was 63%

Result 2020

The number of payment arrangements paid by customers was 64%