For the individual’s power and ability to impact their everyday life and their future

We want to provide people with the opportunity to live the life that they want – today and tomorrow. This is found throughout our operation and is particularly true of our social commitment.

Social commitment is important to us, and the aim is to strive for an inclusive society. In addition to a long tradition of involvement as a sponsor in local communities, Resurs’s involvement focuses on supporting young people and new entrants to the labour market to reach their full potential.

We aim to be a positive force in society and contribute in several ways – both with financial sponsoring and in a more active capacity.

Volunteer work

Each Resurs employee receives eight volunteer hours every year, so that they have the opportunity to devote some of their paid working hours to volunteer work. In Sweden, we collaborate with such organisations as Drivkraft, a non-profit organisation that provides mentors for students and their parents and arranges homework tutoring at schools.


For at least 20 employees to be engaged in volunteer work in Sweden per year.

Result 2019
57 volunteers

Result 2020
8 volunteers

Resurs Friends

Resurs Friends is an internal sponsorship fund that enables employees to apply for sponsorship to local clubs or organisations that they or their families belong to and that are in line with Resurs’s values.

One of the clubs that received support from the fund is the Hittarp Riding Club (HIRK), which applied for support of its “panthästen” (deposit bottle) project. The project was initiated by the children of employees, with the aim of buying a new school horse by collecting deposit bottles. Sally the “deposit horse” is now part of HIRK thanks to the young people’s efforts and Resurs Friends.

An additional club that has received support from the fund is FC Helsingborg F06/07, which consists of 19 girls who love floorball, spending time together and developing as players and individuals. There was nothing wrong with their team spirit, but they were missing a crucial detail: a united kit for representing their team, FCH and Helsingborg at matches and tournaments. The new kit that was made possible by funds from Resurs Friends was happily received and provided the team with a feeling of solidarity.


Resurs is a GeBlod certified company, which means that our employees may give blood during their working hours, a crucial social commitment that saves lives.


At the local level

Our sponsorships aim to support organisations that are democratic and open for everyone. For example, we are very much involved in sponsoring sports clubs that share our values and create environments in which children and young people are able to grow and develop.

Rögle BK and Grönvit sustainability

Eskilsminne IF – Hela Helsingborg


A Sustainable Tomorrow

Resurs is the main partner of A Sustainable Tomorrow in Helsingborg for the third consecutive year. A Sustainable Tomorrow is a conference about sustainability and the future where attendees from the business world, the public sector, civil society and academia gather to form partnerships and networks with the aim of accelerating regional sustainability efforts. New ideas and multi-dimensional partnerships that lead to increased business value are generated based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Shoppa Lagom

During the year, Resurs became the first company to become a partner of Alektrum Group’s Shoppa Lagom initiative that aims to spread awareness that helps more people in society keep their finances healthy. Resurs sees the partnership as a part of its ongoing efforts to highlight the importance of sustainable credit lending, both as a basis for secure and smart loans and as a focus area for its sustainability activities.

Helsingborgs IF

 Resurs has supported Helsingborgs IF football club since 2004 and believes in the good that the club can do for society and for the health and future of children and young people. In order to support the club in its important role for the community and its comprehensive sustainability work, Resurs has broadened its involvement and become Helsingborgs IF’s sustainability partner, also assuming a place in the club’s sustainability advisory board. Together with Helsingborgs IF, Resurs Bank’s engagement will be filled with concrete activities and initiatives that develop both HIF and Resurs Bank in a sustainable direction in different ways.

Pink Ribbon

Resurs has participated in the Pink Ribbon campaign for many years and has at that period raised over SEK 10 million for the Swedish Cancer Society, money that has been distributed to Swedish cancer research.


Resurs Bank and Solid Försäkring are members and corporate friends of Techella. An independent technology network that was founded in 2018 and is active in northwest Skåne. The goal of its operations is to attract more women to the IT and technology industry while encouraging those who already work in the industry to stay there. By becoming partners and through active participation with Techella, the employees in our IT team have been given an opportunity to grow and develop. We also hope to inspire other companies to adopt a more long-term approach to their recruitments.

Foo Café

Foo Café is a meeting place for individuals and companies to share knowledge and drive the future of the IT industry. Aside from talks and events, Foo Café offers a forum for start-ups to present their products and services, CSR projects to provide immigrants and new arrivals training in coding as well as free coding courses for children (together with an adult). As a partner to Foo Café, we sponsor user groups and events. We are also planning our own events, which is an efficient way us to conduct marketing, forge contacts, develop and perhaps recruit new talents.