Resurs in brief

In 2021 Resurs began the development of a new ultra-modern cloud-based banking platform in earnest. We formed new partnerships, we launched Resurs Society. All of this is based on our new strategy, which sets out the direction of the services and offerings we are developing for our customers and partners of today’s and tomorrow’s Nordic market.

The Resurs Holding Group (Resurs), which operates through its subsidiary Resurs Bank AB, is the leader in retail finance in the Nordic region, offering payment solutions and consumer loans in the entire Nordic market. At the end of 2021, the Group had 617 employees and a loan portfolio of SEK 33.3 billion.

Our business segments


Payment Solutions

The Payment Solutions business segment comprises the business lines retail finance, cards and B2B. Within retail finance, Resurs is the leading partner for finance, payment, and loyalty solutions in the Nordic region. Cards includes the Resurs credit cards, as well as payment cards that enable retail finance partners to promote their own brands. The B2B area primarily focuses on invoice factoring and invoice discounting for small and mid-sized companies.

Consumer Loans

Consumers in the Consumer Loans business segment are offered unsecured consumer loans. A consumer loan is normally used to finance larger purchases and investments. Consumer Loans also helps consumers to consolidate their loans, in order to reduce their monthly payments or interest expense.


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The share

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Resurs is to conduct sustainable operations that protect the environment, people and the economy. Our objective is to make a difference to the daily lives of our customers, partners, employees and our planet.


Financial reports

For more in-depth and detailed information about Resurs’s performance, all interim reports, year-end reports and annual reports since 2014 are available for download and reading.