Resurs focuses in particular on six areas highlighted in the annual sustainability report. These are areas where we believe we have an opportunity to influence and change and are elected in dialogue our stakeholders – investors, customers, employees, partners and owners.

Responsible Credit Lending

Resurs is to offer financial services that are sustainable both today and in the long term – for individuals, for Resurs and for society at large.


Resurs has a long-term systematic prevention programme to combat all forms of corruption.

Social commitment

Resurs has a strong sense of social commitment, and supports organisations and initiatives that aim to help people take control over their lives and their futures.

Customer privacy

Customer privacy activities are based on proper compliance with laws and internal rules that stipulate how customer data is to be protected and how it may be used.


Resurs assumes responsibility for the environment by making deliberate and active choices in the form of, for example, work methods, communication channels, partnerships and suppliers.


For Resurs, it is a matter of course to offer an equal opportunity, healthy workplace characterised by many opportunities for individual professional development.