Resurs focuses in particular on five areas highlighted in the annual sustainability report. These are areas where we believe we have an opportunity to influence and change and are elected in dialogue our stakeholders – investors, customers, employees, partners and owners.

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Sustainable Credit Lendning

Responsible credit lending is the core of Resurs’s business, and involves a financial services offering that is sus­tainable both today and in the long term – for individuals, for Resurs and for society at large.

Social responsibility

Resurs takes clear social responsibility as a member of its industry and contributes to the positive and inclusive development of so­ciety.


Ethical and Responsible Business

Resurs’s commitments on issues concerning accessibility, responsibility for the supply chain and customer communication, as well as cus­tomer privacy and anti-corruption are all gath­ered under the concept of Ethical and responsi­ble business.



As part of its efforts to be climate neutral in the future, Resurs works on active measures and influencing employees and customers to make climate-smart choices, for example through col­laborations with various partners.



For Resurs it is a given to offer an equal and healthy workplace characterised by many opportunities for individual professional development.