Reduce the direct climate impact of the operation with 50 per cent by 2030.

Results and Activities 2022

  • Reduced climate impact by 30 per cent compared with 2020 (base year) according to Resurs’s climate calculation
  • Share of digital mailings: 73% (68%)
  • Travel experience survey
  • Development of Resurs’s first environmental policy
  • Partnership for installation of solar panels
  • Launch of Green Loans where customers receive interest discounts on climate-positive investments
  • New guidelines for company cars
  • Climate compensation 2022

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In 2022 Resurs took further steps to reduce its climate impact, which primarily occurs through business travel, the use of company cars, mailings and purchased energy in the form of electricity and heat. As part of its efforts to be climate neutral in the future, Resurs works on active measures and influencing employees and customers to make climate-smart choices, for example through col­laborations with various partners.

As a guideline, it is appropriate to use of the energy mix that is available in each country and, to the greatest extent possible, to choose renewable electricity. The objective is for all electricity used in the Group to come from renewable sources.

In our business travel guidelines, trains are the recommended mode of travel and air travel must always be approved by your immediate supervisor. All employees within Resurs have a responsibility to plan travel and accommodation in an environmentally friendly, safe and cost-effective way according to Resurs’ guidelines. In our online system for travel bookings, employees can see climate footprints from modes of transport and hotel stays.

Resurs introduced electric vehicles as a company car option in 2021 in order to reduce the climate impact of driving by employees. Today nearly all company cars are electric or hybrid cars, and the fossil fuel-driven cars are being phased out as employees replace them.

An additional example of continually taking steps to reduce environmental impact is customer communication, which is gradually becoming more digitized.

Resurs also attaches great importance to educating its employees and facilitating environmentally conscious choices in their daily work. Therefore Resurs Academy Online Training includes a mandatory environmental course.

Virtual meetings and remote working

One of the most effective ways to reduce climate impact is to replace travel with virtual meetings. In order to facilitate remote work while facilitating efficient meetings between the various offices, Resurs has invested in vari­ous technical solutions for virtual meetings. These investments are supplemented by a policy stating that in the fu­ture 40 per cent of work may be performed remotely for large parts of the operation,

Analysis of the impact of climat change

In order to analyse primarily the indirect effects that the operations give rise to, Resurs carried out its third climate calculation under the GHG Proto­col in 2022 (base year 2020). An operational control approach was applied to the calculations and Scope 2 was calculated using the market-based method. We will fully compensate for the emissions of a total of 764 tons that we were unable to reduce. The choice of method will be communicated online in Q2 2023.

Resurs ‘Annual and Sustainability Report contains detailed information on Resurs’ exposure to climate risks.


Climate compensation

Our focus lies on working actively to reduce our emissions wherever possible. We see climate compensation as a way of reducing our carbon footprint while we do our best to reduce our own impact.

By being conscious of the choices we make and their effects on the environment, we will reduce our own carbon footprint and offset our unavoidable emissions to support the transition to a low-carbon sustainable future.

We have fully compensated for the emissions of 764 tons of CO2 that we were unable to reduce in 2022*. We have offset our emissions through three projects via Zero Mission, all of which are certified by Plan Vivo or Gold Standard.

Learn more about the projects:

Efficient stoves with loan groups Kenya – Gold Standard

CommuniTree Programme Nicaragua – Plan Vivo

Yaeda-Eyasi Landscape REDD Project, Tanzania – Plan Vivo

* Climate calculation according to the GHG protocol (base year 2020)

Financing of energy solutions

Resurs it is actively searching for partners that offer climate-smart solu­tions to private individuals, such as the installation of solar cells, electric vehicle charging stations and air heat pumps. During 2021 a partner agreement was signed with mortgage institution Hemma, a platform for the transition to sustainable homes. A partnership was initiated with Albie which, together with Resurs, offers charging equipment at a pack­age price with competitive payment solutions. Resurs also began a part­nership with Fairown to offer customers the opportunity to subscribe to products in various industries such as consumer electronics, garden machinery and watches.