Social responsibility


To be an inclusive member of society through partnership and social commitment that actively benefits society and makes healthy private finances possible.

Results and Activities 2023

  • MyEconomy, an online training course for learning how to balance your personal finances, is launched in Norway, Denmark and Finland
  • Resurs supports Betalningshjälpen – a collaboration between Mastercard, SPF and banks in Sweden
  • Resurs Friends sponsored 19 local associations and organisations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland
  • A total of 17 employees (22) in the Nordic region chose to volunteer
  • Nordic collection for Christmas presents and food for families in need via Rädda Barnen, Prosit, BUFF, Kirkens Bymisjon, Hyvä joulumieli -keräys and Julehjæ
  • Resurs participates in the nationwide campaign Bli Svårlurad!

A clear social responsibility

Resurs takes clear social responsibility as a member of its industry, and contributes to the positive and inclusive development of so­ciety. Through partnership and social commit­ment, Resurs benefits society and offers the opportunity to have healthy personal finances, with a particular focus on supporting young people and new entrants to the labour market.

Resurs uses responsible and sustainable credit lending to contribute to financial inclusion and to help more people realise their dreams and make life investments without going beyond what their finances will allow. Resurs’s social commitment is expressed primarily through organisations and initiatives that aim to help people take control over their lives and their futures.

Resurs Society pools all Resurs’s concrete investments to contribute to sustainable development for customers, partners, the industry, and society as a whole. In 2022, Resurs Society was launched in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Resurs Society can be found on Resurs’s website.

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My Economy

Resurs’ own digital education in everyday economics, My Economy, is for anyone who wants to learn how to create a long-term, sustainable everyday economy. The training covers everyday situations in six relevant topics: budgeting, savings, insurance, loans, repayment plans and how to make financially sound decisions that are good for both the wallet and the environment. My Economy will strengthen Resurs’ customers and consumers in everyday economic decisions and the hope is that it will contribute to more people making wise and long-term sustainable decisions.

Volunteer work

Resurs’s employees have the opportunity to devote eight work hours per year to local volunteer work. The work should primarily emphasise supporting young people and new entrants to the labour market, through measures such as mentoring and tutoring young people. Among other things, this may involve offering mentoring activities and homework help for young people in collaboration with Drivkraft och Engagemang Helsingborg.

An important role in society as a sponsor and partner

Resurs’s presence in local communities is also expressed through con­scious long-term sponsorships. Social investments at a Nordic level are given priority over traditional sponsorship and an emphasis on partnership that is in line with Resurs’ overall agenda.


Ung Företagsamhet (UF)

Resurs has had partnerships with Ung Företagsverksamhet (UF) in Sweden, Norway and Denmark since 2021. Ung Företagsverksamhet (UF) helps young people learn to start and run companies. Through the partnership Resurs’s employees have the opportunity to serve as advisors and coaches to upper secondary students starting up companies.

A Sustainable Tomorrow

Resurs is a main partner of the annual “A Sustainable Tomorrow” conference on sustainability and the future, where people from the business community, the public sector, civil society, and academia gather at the national level to accelerate the pace of sustainability efforts regionally.

Shoppa Lagom and Pengapeppen

Resurs has been a partner of Alektum Group’s Shoppa Lagom initiative since 2020; this initiative aims to spread awareness that helps more people in society keep their finances healthy. Resurs also supports Pengapeppen, an initiative for parents who want to talk to their children about money.


Resurs Bank is a member and a corporate friend of Techella. A regional network that encourages female talent in IT and technology.


Resurs is a GeBlod certified company, which means that our employees may give blood during their working hours, a crucial social commitment that saves lives.


On a local level

Our sponsorships aim to support organisations that are democratic and open for everyone. For example, we are very much involved in sponsoring sports clubs that share our values and create environments in which children and young people are able to grow and develop.

Eskilsminne IF – Hela Helsingborg

Resurs Friends sponsorship fund

Resurs Friends is Resurs’s internal sponsorship fund. Since 2019, the fund has enabled employees to apply for sponsorship of local clubs or organisations that they or their children belong to. In 2023 19 associations and organisations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland received support through the fund.