Resurs to strengthen sustainability activities and launch Resurs Society

Resurs wants to contribute to a more sustainable society and a more responsible credit market. As a result, we are now launching Resurs Society, which pools all of Resurs’s concrete measures, activities and investments to contribute to a sustainable development for customers, partners, the industry and society as a whole.

Our commitments

Responsible Credit Lending

Resurs is to offer financial services that are sustainable both today and in the long term – for individuals, for Resurs and for society at large.


Resurs has a long-term systematic prevention programme to combat all forms of corruption.

Social commitment

Resurs has a strong sense of social commitment, and supports organisations and initiatives that aim to help people take control over their lives and their futures.

Customer privacy

Customer privacy activities are based on proper compliance with laws and internal rules that stipulate how customer data is to be protected and how it may be used.


Resurs assumes responsibility for the environment by making deliberate and active choices in the form of, for example, work methods, communication channels, partnerships and suppliers.


For Resurs, it is a matter of course to offer an equal opportunity, healthy workplace characterised by many opportunities for individual professional development.

Our sustainability efforts


Henrik Linder, Nordic Sustainability Manager answers questions about sustainability in relation to Resurs Capital Market Day on September 29th.

Our sustainability work

Policies and guidelines

Resurs is to operate a responsible and sustainable business that is aligned with the vision of empowering people and giving them the conditions to live the life they want.

Processing personal data at Resurs

Protecting personal information and the privacy of every customer is a natural part of all of our customer relationships.

Our sustainability governance

Resurs has established a strategy and governance for ensuring that the all parts of the operations assume responsibility in terms of business ethics, society and the environment.