Working in a bank involves a great responsibility. Resurs’ credibility and success are built on the fact that every decision made follows the bank’s values and ethical standards.

For Resurs, it is important that misconduct and behaviour that violate the Bank’s ethical standards are discovered and reported. If misconduct is detected early, Resurs has greater opportunities to limit the damage, which is important not only for the company, but also for the employees and other stakeholders. If employees or others, suspect irregularities, or discover behaviour that may be unethical or illegal, it is important that the observations are reported. Cases that can be reported as whistleblowing include bribery, corruption, criminal acts, misconduct and violations, or other acts that violate EU laws or national laws and regulations.

It is possible to report anonymously via Resurs’ digital service. It is also possible to email, or call Robert Johansson, Head of Risk Control, on +46 73 867 33 99. The Board of Directors has appointed Risk Control Function as the independent function that handles whistleblowing cases.

If you feel comfortable, we encouraged you to report openly by providing your name and contact details, as this will ease the investigation. Regardless of how the reporting takes place, all reports and messages are handled with strict confidentiality and with the utmost care. Reporting of potential or actual irregularities will not lead to victimisation or retaliation.

General complaints, or other issues regarding personal matters are referred to the Resurs customer pages.

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