To be an attractive employer where a healthy work environment and inclusive culture of diversity allow for creativity, innovation, and professional growth.

Results and Activities 2023

  • Attendance: 96%
  • 48% of Resurs’s employees are women
  • 90% of Resurs’s active employees had at least one of two performance reviews
  • 25% of advertised positions were filled by internal resources at Resurs
  • Employees’ commitment and overall perception of their work environment should exceed the global index in Eletive. The index for 2023 was 3.9 on a scale from 1 to 5, and Resurs Bank’s score was 4.0
  • Career Company of the Year for the fifth year in a row
  • Launch of tech training program

An attractive workplace

The skills, experience and commitment of our employees are important prerequisites for achieving the company’s strategic and financial targets.

For Resurs, it is a matter of course to offer an equal opportunity, healthy workplace characterised by many opportunities for individual professional development. Our focus rests on healthy psychosocial, organisational and physical work environments that create the prerequisites for a sustainable working life.

Diversity and equality

Employees with diverse backgrounds, genders and experiences enrich the business in many ways, making Resurs a more creative, profitable and efficient organisation. If the diversity of society is reflected in the makeup of the workforce, additional valuable customer benefit can be created.

Resurs has zero tolerance for discrimination and sexual harassment. Supporting an inclusive workplace must be a given.

Resurs’s target is an equal gender balance, which is set in a range be­tween 40 and 60 per cent women versus men among both employees and managers.

Monitoring of employee experience

Employees can report their experiences of their work situation, leadership and commitment in real time in the Eletive digital employee survey tool, which makes it possible to quickly identify signs of stress and ill-health at work.

Preventive work with early action

Offering a healthy work/life balance is a given for us to help contribute to high attendance and a healthy balance between work and private life. Resurs’s managers are trained in employer responsibility for rehabilitation, which is a part of our work environment training. In cases with repeated short-term absenteeism or long-term illness, rehabilitation measures are applied. There are clear guidelines in place for how employees receive assistance and support through early, coordinated rehabilitation measures in order to regain their work ability with the aim of being able to return fully or partially to work.

Training through digital channels

Resurs works in a structured way with continuous employee development alongside a defined plan in terms of training for new employees. The digital portal for online training features everything from mandatory courses on the Code of Conduct, anti-corruption, money laundering and the environment to courses in banking regulations.

Development and internal mobility

Resurs provides all its employees with opportunities for professional growth and encourages them to actively apply for new positions in the Group. This is also an effective way to build a strong shared culture.

Our mentorship programme called PEP: Personal Empowerment Program is available to all employees, regardless of whether they have just joined Resurs or are managers who want to focus on their personal development. We have also initiated a tech trainee programme with a focus on integrating junior talent into established teams.

Resurs was listed as one of 100 Career Companies of the Year for the fifth year in a row. Career Companies is a distinction for employers that offer unique career opportunities and opportunities for professional growth.

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