Resurs’ operations are divided into two business segments, based on the products and services offered. The Payment Solutions segment comprises the retail finance, credit cards, and factoring areas and Consumer Loans. There are important synergies between the business segments with the customer database as a common denominator, each segment develops innovative products and services that meet specific customer needs and market conditions.

At the heart of the Resurs business model are the services offered to retail finance partners active in the retail sector. Through attractive financing solutions in both e-commerce and physical stores, customer loyalty is strengthened and the repurchase rate increases. For the consumer, added value is created by increased purchasing power and opportunities for flexible repayment options.

Today, there are over 6 million customers in the Resurs customer database and the majority of these have first come in contact with Resurs via retail finance. The large customer database provides the opportunity for cross-selling of the Group’s other offerings.

Strategic priorities

Dedicated to developing the partners’ business concepts

Resurs continues to successfully cultivate new and existing partnerships through close cooperation, responsiveness and an ability to customize solutions for shopping online and in stores. Resurs lays the groundwork for converting visiting consumers to buyers and loyal customers. The list of Resurs’s partners is continually growing, thanks to the value generated by Resurs’s efficient payment solutions. For example, Resurs began partnerships with 75 new e-commerce players in 2020. In addition, the updated Merchant Portal created additional value for retail partners through the ability to present sale statistics in real time regardless of sales channel. Resurs’s solutions enable modern business concepts that meet customers’ needs and expectations for digital services.

The best possible customer experience through in-depth customer knowledge

Resurs’s customer database serves as the foundation of customer communication by collecting the information on customers’ credit card usage, payment patterns and credit history needed to build in-depth customer knowledge. This information is also a requirement for responsible credit lending with a high level of service and for creating a convenient and positive customer journey.

As always, the aim is to provide customers with a positive experience: it should be easy and secure to deal with Resurs, regardless of whether a customer is using us for borrowing, saving or payments.

The transformation journey towards a more technology-oriented and efficient organisation

Through the transformation journey that is under way, Resurs is taking important steps to become a leading fintech player with a clear sustainability perspective. We aim to become more data-driven and technology–oriented, for example, by increasing our share of cloud-based systems. This initiative will enable us to deliver innovative products and services in the long term that create easy and secure customer journeys in all of the Nordic markets. The company is investing heavily in IT while creating a more agile and efficient organisation with a clear Nordic focus.

Sustainable credit lending for greater competitiveness and a stronger brand

With responsible and sustainable credit lending, we are laying the foundation for smart and secure loans, thereby contributing to sustainable business for all parties involved. This is also a requirement to earn the trust of customers and others, and to create business value through greater competitiveness and a stronger brand. The recruitment of a business-driven sustainability manager at the Nordic level is a strategically important part of the transformation journey that has now begun, as well as for clearly showing our ambition for sustainable credit lending and ensuring that the sustainability perspective is thoroughly integrated throughout our operations.