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  • Capital Markets Day 2021

    Share price - RESURS

Share price - RESURS

Resurs to strengthen sustainability activities and launch Resurs Society

Resurs is to conduct sustainable operations that protect the environment, people and the economy. Our objective is to make a difference to the daily lives of our customers, partners, employees and our planet.

Invest in Resurs

There are many good reasons to invest in Resurs, but we have highlighted three of the top ones.

Resurs history

Resurs is the result of the dreams and visions of a group of entrepreneurs. Take part of the journey Resurs made from 1977 to the present day.

Responsible Credit Lending

Resurs is to offer financial services that are sustainable both today and in the long term – for individuals, for Resurs and for society at large.


For Resurs, it is a matter of course to offer an equal opportunity, healthy workplace characterised by many opportunities for individual professional development.